Domestic Abuse Noodles

Abuse Noodles

Domestic Abuse Crispy Noodles: Because nothing works up an appetite like drawings of an injured, weeping child!


Found in 7-11


About Greg

A simpleton from West Yorkshire, England living in Beijing. I try to document the oddities, frustrations and funnies that happen to me whilst out here. Hopefully you enjoy reading these little episodes as much as I enjoy writing them.
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8 Responses to Domestic Abuse Noodles

  1. herschelian says:

    OIC (only in China)!! You are sharp-eyed to have spotted this…I wrote a blog piece about domestic abuse here ages ago, but it needed something like this to really make the point. Having said that I was horrified by the statistics here, and even more horrified when talking to Chinese women friends who seemed to think that domestic abuse was ‘normal’… not in my house it isn’t sez she getting out the rolling pin to bash him-indoors..!

    • Greg says:

      Yeah, there’s certainly not as much knowledge out there about it. And the amount of women who hit their boyfriends is pretty high, too! Usually as a consequence of the 小公主 not getting their own way.

  2. Elyse says:

    The world is a very strange place!

  3. benhuoer says:

    This product is actually “捏碎面” (crumbing noodle), which you are supposed to pinch it into crumbs before eating it.

    The brand is called “Little Sister Zhang Junya”, whih is the name of this girl. So when you crumb the noodles, you’re pinching her!

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