Bali: Just Go There

The first thing that I noticed about Bali was the sky. During the daytime huge clouds drifted across the sky like floating candy floss. It was so beautiful that I sat by the pool, beer in hand, and watched the sky most of the days we were there.


When the sky wasn’t busy being beautiful it was busy pouring its guts out. We had one amazing day, on which Siren and I both managed to get sunburned, and then it absolutely chucked it down for four straight days. About the rain… I think I’ll just quote Forrest Gump “We been through every kind of rain there is. “Little bitty stingin’ rain… and big ol’ fat rain. Rain that flew in sideways. And sometimes rain even seemed to come straight up from underneath. Shoot, it even rained at night…”

Somehow in the midst of all this rain I caught a cold. Yup, I had sun burn and a cold at the same time. As you can imagine I was feeling pretty sorry for myself, but then in some pre-ordained amalgamation of cheesy festive cheer the rain ceased, and when I awoke on Christmas day there was a beautiful clear sky. So, being sticklers for tradition, we did all the normal Christmas things: fed monkeys, smoked Shisha and went swimming.



The blue skies kept up for the remainder of the holiday, allowing us to climb Mt. Batur (an active volcano) in time for the sunrise, which was absolutely breathtaking.


It seems somehow fitting that the last night we spent in Bali had the most beautiful sunset of the whole holiday; lazy hues of red and purple covered the sky as the sun melted into the horizon.


In short: Bali is fantastic. Go there!


About Greg

A simpleton from West Yorkshire, England living in Beijing. I try to document the oddities, frustrations and funnies that happen to me whilst out here. Hopefully you enjoy reading these little episodes as much as I enjoy writing them.
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10 Responses to Bali: Just Go There

  1. maesprose says:

    Hey, I love the photos! That sounds like an amazing vacation sans the cold, sunburn and rain. Maybe that was nature’s way of making you rest or…. just bum luck! Happy New Year! Wishing you all good things.

    • gregschina says:

      Glad you like the pics. I’m pretty happy with them myself, especially the shot of the monkey.
      The cold was bad luck, the sunburn was downright stupidity and the rain… well, it’s the wet season on a tropical island! Didn’t stop us having a great time though.
      Happy New Year to you too, hope you had a good one

  2. Bama says:

    I have returned from a year-end trip to Bali with a friend a few days ago, and even though it was not my first time going to the island, it ended up the most amazing trip I’ve ever done to Bali. The sunset in Bali never fails to disappoint, does it? Too bad we didn’t climb Mt.Batur. Seems like the view of sunrise from the summit is breathtaking!

    • gregschina says:

      The sunset over there really is fantastic. I was so happy we managed to get a window of sunshine in our visit – after those first four days of torrential downpour we were starting to worry!
      What were you doing there for a year?

      • Bama says:

        Oh no, I didn’t stay in Bali for the whole year, only for a relatively short year-end visit. It was my 5th time to Bali, but my love to the island has grown even bigger ever since.

  3. Gede Prama says:

    I truly enjoy your blog and hope many more stop in to read. Again Congratulations. Gede Prama 🙂

  4. Elyse says:

    What a beautiful place. Can you get there by car ( 😉 )?????

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