Beijing Blues

I’m coming down with a bout of the Beijing Blues, and I’m not the only one.
In my mind I pictured summer being warm, happy and pollution free – but a sledgehammer has smashed my little dream to pieces with the deafening roar of a grey, monochrome reality.
This morning I woke up still feeling incredibly tired, opened the curtains and looked out on to a miserable, wet morning. It looked more like 7pm than 8am – this is pretty much the same view I’ve been treated to each day this week. The pollution has also been fucking horrendous. Even wearing a mask it somehow manages to sap your energy, suck out all of your enthusiasm and seep into your skin. Kind of like one of those Dementors from the Harry Potter books in weather form. It makes you feel as though you live in a never ending Monday. Plus just to add to this festival of misery, we’re now in the middle of another 7 day working week (yay to ridiculous holiday systems).

Basically I’m not a happy bunny this week. I can’t wait for it to be over so I can crawl into bed with some take out food and the entire third season of Breaking Bad.

Here’s to hoping this weather clears soon. I just know that if things carry on as they are, I’m going to seriously consider how long I want to spend in this city, and once again, I know I’m not the only one…


About Greg

A simpleton from West Yorkshire, England living in Beijing. I try to document the oddities, frustrations and funnies that happen to me whilst out here. Hopefully you enjoy reading these little episodes as much as I enjoy writing them.
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